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*April 19th- Dirty 40 Race, Newport VT (12:00pm)

*April 25th- Private Party, Glover VT

*May 2nd- Parker Pie Wings, Coventry VT (8:00-11:00)

*May 3rd- Glover Trailwinders Raffle, Derby VT

*May 9th- Private Party

*May 17th- Private Party

*May 25th- Private Party

*June 28th- Private Party

*July 2nd- Private Wedding

*July 4th- 4th of July Celebration, Newport VT (8:30-9:30)

*July 5th- Char Bo Campground, Derby VT

*July 25th- Friday Night Live, Island Pond VT (6:30-10:30)

*July 26th- Private Party

*August 1st- Private Party

*August 15th- Orleans County Fair, Barton VT

*August 16th- Char Bo Campground, Derby VT

*August 23rd- Private Wedding

*September 13th- Private Party

*October 4th- Fire Dept. Dance, Brighton VT

*October 18th- Private Party

*October 25th- Private Wedding

We are currently in the process of mixing our first ever album of original material! We recorded at Lovetown Studios in Middlesex, Vermont on February 8th & 9th and hope to have the album ready by early May! For more information, go to our  "Music" page.

ETA plays a classic mix of vintage Rock, Country, and Blues from only the best artists! We provide a danceable and enjoyable collection of material suited for every type of occasion, from weddings and private functions to dances and music festivals. Check us out to see why we're called "the Northeast Kingdom's favorite sons"!

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"Northern Vermont's best in Rock, Country, and Blues!"
Celebrating 12 Years of Local Live Music in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom and Beyond!